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Welcome to Harvest Foods Stores and this website! Harvest Foods is an organization of over thirty five independent grocers from Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. The Harvest Foods group hopes that you enjoy strolling through these pages to find the information that you want. By clicking on the buttons above, you will find information ranging from Harvest Foods core values to the current ad that is running this week. Also on this website are the locations of and maps to the Harvest Foods stores in Washington, Idaho and Montana states, as well as each store's description and pictures. In the future we will also be adding delicious recipes that will go with some of the items on sale in our ads. Also contained in the website (and will be updated frequently) are available job postings and an application for applying for employment at any of the Harvest Foods stores. If you do not find what you need or have additional questions, comments or suggestions, you can contact us by email: info@harvestfoodsnw.com We will make sure that your inquiry will be answered as quickly as possible. Thank you, and we appreciate the time you spend here at Harvest Foods website!